The Door

This story was told to me by my indonesian maid. One fine day, after school, two boys A ‘n’ B ‘n’ a girl, C went into the haunted woods. The girl was freaked out ‘n’ wanted 2 go home but the boys called her ‘chicken’. With no other choice, she agreed to follow them. When it was dark at night, they were cold so they found a small cottage and went in. The interior was enormous. Then they saw an old woman was sitting down on a torn and old sofa and said “hello child, come in, come in”. They were shocked to see fangs coming out. Then, smoke started surrounding her and she turned into a pontianak. They were all frozen with fear. “There will be no escape for you” cackled the pontianak. “But there is one way to get out. Choose a door. One door will lead you to the woods ‘n’ the other, you’ll die and join me as a monster.” The boys were so terrified that they left the girl and ran to a door. The girl went ot the other door instead. BAD MOVE. The girl chose the door that will turn her to a monster.

The boys ran as fast as they could while shouting” help PONTIANAK, help PONTIANAK !!!” The girl’s mother who where the boys neighbour, asked the boys where her child was. The boys just ran home cause’ they were afraid that here mother would throw them into the river. C’s mother was crazy cause’ her only daughter was lost in the woods. She then ran to the woods trying 2 find her daughter. Years passed but still no sign of her daughter. Instead she found a beautiful lady dressed in white *kebaya. The lady had eyes just like her daughter. She assumed that she was her daughter. She ran to the lady and said”Oh my child where have u been all this years.” The lady did not answer and followed the mother. Then she was brought to a village and found A ‘n’ B. The lady felt in love with A and married him.

On night after their marrage, the lady told her husband that she was actually the girl who followed them to the house. She told him that she was actually a PONTIANAK. The husband tried to run away but the PONTIANAK flew and ate him up.

* kebaya = a malay traditional costume

Warning: A pontianak can be a beautiful lady. Don’t be deceived by the looks.

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