Encounters At Home

Our house is set up such that from the dining room, one can have a clear view of the stairs going up to the second floor. One Sunday, while the family was having lunch together we heard heavy footsteps coming from the masters bedroom. After a few seconds, the said footsteps were heard on the stairs. Our stairs by the way, was carpeted, but the sound was unmistakable. The scary part was that there was no one there, and it was in broad daylight!

One night coming home late from work (it was around 12 MN then), I decided to watch a little TV in our living room before going to sleep. Finding nothing interesting to watch, I turned off the TV and set down the remote control. Lo and behold, no sooner had I done this when the TV turns on again! The thing was, when the TV was turned on, it was set to a channel which would have required someone to press the remote twice, so I found it highly unlikely that I accidentally turned the TV on. This fact only hit me after I had calmly turned-off the TV again, after which I quickly ran to my bedroom.

We have a mirror fronting our stairs, from which you can see the corridor of our second floor if you happen to be using it. One day, as my sister was using the mirror, she notices a figure cross the corridor on top of the stairs. Thinking it was my brother, this did not really alarm her, until my brother happened to cross that same corridor a few seconds later, going in the same direction!

I was once locked out of my room, which was mysteriously unlocked again after a few minutes.

A relative forgot to turn-off an electric fan in a bedroom. As he was about to go back inside to turn it off, he hears a click, and it’s off!

More than once a family member sees a figure dart in towards a room or bathroom, as if nakikipag-unahan. Initially we think that some other member of the family is playing a prank on us, until we discover no one inside the room.

A maid once recalled seeing someone sitting on her bed.

What’s consistent is that the figure seems to resemble a young boy. It’s like he’s just always playing a prank or something. And you know what, somehow we have gotten used to having our own resident ghost, that we now refer to it as our ‘alaga’ or our ‘kaibigan’. In fact we have gotten so used to him that if no one had encountered him for a while, parang hinahanap-hanap pa namin!

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