Haunted Dormitory

I used to live in a dorm while I was in college in the Philippines. This dorm is L shaped and it has two wings. Right were the two wings intersect is a study hall. The study hall has two doors which leads to both wings. One door leads to this long hallway with a bathroom just a few feet away from it and one more thing, the hall has an AC so the windows are shut all the time.

So anyway, late one night, my roommate and I were at the study hall studying. We were the only residents there, the rest were either fast asleep or would much rather stay in their rooms. So there we were eating our cup noodles when I felt my bladder kicking in. I excused myself and went in the bathroom down the hall. When I came out, I saw my roommate standing outside the bathroom door, in the hallway and I could tell by the look on her face that she’s really scared.

May narinig ako! she said it sounded like a man who’s clearing his throat

Saan? I asked not fully believing her

Sa study hall!

We both ended studying in our rooms that night. I was still skeptical though. I keep telling her that it was probably just the toilet flush that she heard *hehehehehe*

About a week or so later, I was in the study hall again, this time with a fellow dorm mate. She was helping me with my math and I have all my stuff spread out the table. We were the only ones in the study hall. It was getting’ pretty early..probably around 3am. When I realized how early it was already, I felt so bad I told her to hit the sack and thanked her for all her help…

…she left..

So there I was by myself, it was so quiet in the hall. I was gathering my things because I was also getting ready to go back to my room when all of a sudden I heard this clear unmistakable sound of a man clearing his throat. I froze and my eyes drifted around the room trying to figure out where the heck did that sound came from….that did it..I quickly gathered my things while I yell out a string of P words to whatever it was * I was told that if you cuss them out they would leave you alone hehehehe* and took off towards my room..there’s this girl in my class. Who claims that she’s a bit of a psychic. She had never seen my dorm nor have I ever told her about the throat clearing incident. I was surprised when she came up to me one day and said Sa Dorm niyo..dun kung saan kayo nag aaral….may lalake dun.. I was so freaked out when she said that!

…I never study there by myself since then….

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