Story From Philippines

I come from Philippines and my province has an area call the Brookside/Valley Border. I don’t know what some other guys call this little hill but Valley Viewers call it Bulok na Tanke Kasi diba, on top of this hill is this old, rusty, torn up water tank with a lot of pornografitti on it.

On that hill is also a Mango grove. They already built a concrete wall between Valley View and Brookside (it sucks, I remember how my friends and I just come and go as we please back in the good old days). But anyway, here’s what happened. When we were younger, we used to play with this boy who is a non-homeowner( squatters) *ba jologs ata to hehehehe*. But as we grew older, we drifted apart and he went on to hang out with his junkie friends. Well, about 5 years ago, tragedy struck. We found out that this boy’s body was found in Bulok na Tanke and from what I heard this boy suffered a great deal before he died . This boy was tortured to death.

His ears and tongue were cut off, one of his eyes were hanging’ off the sockets..his murderers drilled holes on his inner thighs. Rumor has it that a fellow Valley Viewer did this ALL BECAUSE HE SUSPECTED HIM OF STEALING ONE OF HIS GOATS!!! But it was so tragic. I felt so bad for his family. My brother said that him and his friends were passing through BNT *before they heard about E’s body being found* his friends saw the blood stained ground. Him and his friends then thought that it was the blood of some unfortunate dog-turned-pulutan. Little did they know that it was the spot where their childhood friend was murdered.

Well fast forward to 2000.I went back home last year to find a walled up BNT and with a new name: O.L (over looking). It has a pretty nice view actually. You have the Antipolo hills to the east and the smog ridden glittering lights of Manila to the west.(I’m feeling homesick )One evening, my sister and her friends were hanging’ out at O.L. . All of them are from Valley View except her friend Ral. He’s from Antipolo. Well, according to my sister, Ral was so quiet most of the time they were up there. When they left, she asked him what’s going’ on. Ral said that he was a bit of a ‘psychic’ and he said that while they were at O.L he kept seeing a guy in his teens staring at them from the tall grasses below them. He knows that this guy is not with the living anymore. He even said Kawawa naman siya…talagang nahirapan bago namatay …. When my sister went home that evening, she told me about it. Totally forgetting about the tragic incident that happened in that place years ago. So I said to her Diba dun pinatay si E?..she got so scared when I reminded her about it. Ral never knew E. No one ever told Ral about him being murdered his body being dumped over there……

How sad huh? E’s earthbound spirit still restlessly roams the place..

Sumalangit nawa ang iyong kaluluwa E.

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