Factory Work

This story was told to me by my auntie who used to work in a barbeque meat factory. She had only a primary school leaving cert and finding a job in Singapore would be difficult. Therefore any job that she could chance upon would be taken.

A cash-strapped friend of hers who had been working in the factory for only a few days, had suddenly given her the chance to take over her place. My auntie immediately agreed without asking why she had to leave so hurriedly.

My auntie`s job was an easy task, all she had to do was to check if the meat that have been cut were in squared pieces. Her shift was a midnight shift probably around 11pm to 6am the next morning.

About 2 days later my auntie unexpectedly came and borrowed money from my mother to compensate the company on quitting the company without one weeks notice and a replacement. My mother was curious and asked why the hurry to quit since she was in need of cash.

It was then when my auntie related to us her experience with the supernatural.

My auntie and her colleague were busy packing and checking through the meat that had been cut. On the right of her hung chunks of meat which were to be proccessed before cutting. They worked on consistantly when suddenly “GONG GONG” the clock strucked 12. It was their tea break time and they decided to sit down and take a break.

They started chatting with each other to get to know one another better. It seemed that her colleauge had worked here for 2yrs and counting.

Amongst their chatting my aunty noticed some movement beside them… apparently they were the only two around working the night shift, therefore there shouldnt be anyone else around. The security office was way in the front and the guard never paid them a visit. Strange my auntie thought.

Then again she heard a shuffering of feet. She turned and looked at her colleauge to check if she too had heard the sound but a smile appeared on her face as she looked behind my auntie as if there was someone behind the latter.

As my auntie turned around, she just stayed rooted to the ground as her face grew white and her mouth opened to let out a soundless scream.

Infront of her stood a woman hovering over the pieces of bbq meat. Then the figure opened her mouth and something….. something long and grotesque slidded out of her mouth…. the thing apparently was her tongue and it licked the pieces of meat…

My auntie the onlooker just stared at the figure… when suddenly it turned loomed over my aunt AND STARED AT HER with hollow sockets in place of her eyes…… SCREAMING “ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?”

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