Supernatural Encounters

Hi there! Just wanna share 3 experiences of mine that I personally encountered 10 years ago (I was 16 years of age then) and I hope either of my encounters will be produced as part of the new “I.T.” TV series.

Experience 1 :

It was the wee hours of the night whereby everyone should be asleep then. The sky was still dark. Unsure what time it was as I was too tired to look at my alarm clock.

I tossed to the left and suddenly I felt someone pressing my pillow downwards to the left, making my head tilted downwards too. I did not open my eyes at that time as I was very sleepy. Feeling frustrated, I shifted inner to the right side of my bed but my pillow was still going downwards to the left! At first, I thought it was my hand but realised its not as both my hands were holding on to my bolster! So, I presumed it must be my younger sister then as she was afraid of the dark at that time (she was 13 years of age) and that she would definitely woke me up to accompany her to the lavatory and I would wait for her outside, and of course, the door was not completely closed. We were staying in landed property at that time so I presumed she was afraid that “something” might appear at the stairway. (Our bedrooms and the lavatory are very close to the stairway). However, when I opened my eyes, I saw no one and I sat up of my bed to see if my sister was still asleep, and yes, she was! (We shared the same bedroom). I knew something was not right and I immediately lied down and continued to sleep, pretending that nothing had happened, but my pillow still tilted downwards to the left! I dared not opened my eyes and I practically ignored it and managed to sleep through the night……safely.

I told my younger sister about the whole incident the next day and she told me that she heard “someone” breathing on her bedside on the same night! She thought it was me and she peeped slightly away from her bolster (she has the habit of covering her eyes with the bolster) and saw no one. She too, was afraid and continued to sleep just like me.

We told no one about the incident, not even our parents especially our dad as he doesn’t believe in supernatural. To him, its nonsense. We did not mention it to our mum as we did not want her to worry for she does believe in supernatural. We just forget the whole incident.

Experience 2 :

It was about 11pm. I was walking home alone along the lane after an outing with a few of my friends. (There are houses and lamp posts along not those lanes that you might be thinking of). Just as I was about to reach home, I could sense someone walking behind me. I looked back and saw no one. So, I thought that person must have turned and walked another lane in. I continued walking and this time the presence was even stronger. I looked to the right side of the lane, but saw no one. Suddenly, I felt the presence beside me! I was very scared but I tried to keep calm and pretended I felt nothing unusual.

When I finally reached my house gate, I could still sensed “it” was waiting for me to unlock the lock from the gate. I tried not to shiver or tremble when I was unlocking the lock. After locking the gate, I walked quickly to the main door and unlocked it as fast as I could for I was very scared. The strange thing is, the presence was gone when I stepped into the house. Wonder if it was the talisman which was pasted above the door that scared “it” away.

Glad I could make it safely home.

Experience 3 :

It was the wee hours of the night. I was awoke for I was feeling rather uneasy. When I opened my eyes, I saw a black and blurred figure standing in front of my bed! I could even hear the eerie sound that “it” made. At first, I thought I was dreaming as I was very sleepy. Just when I was about to fall asleep, I felt a sharp pain on my right index finger and I could even felt one side of my bed slanting downwards as if someone was sitting on it. I wanted to scream but couldn’t and I dared not opened my eyes too. All I did was to continue sleeping and bear with the pain.

The next morning, the first thing that I did when I woke up was to look at my right index finger to see if there was any scar. Surprisingly, and of course, glad that there wasn’t any.

The pain was so real and it didn’t seemed like I was dreaming at all.

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