Fourth Of July

Wednesday is a day where i have my lessons in my school’s computer lab. In my school in that particular lab that i was having lessons in was rumored to be haunted or rather there were news of sightings of figures darting from corner to corner.

During my 2 years in school, nothing big really happened, but somehow i was waiting for it to show itself. Wednesday 4th of July was the day when it decided to show itself after so many years of it’s history in school. My class of 15 students were having lessons as usual. My lecturer was sitting on his chair facing us when we saw him grab his arm. We (our class) didn’t know what was going on. It seemed like someone was pulling his arm and my lecturer had to fling his arm to get free.

Past experiences were similar like when he was teaching. He would feel that someone was breathing down his neck. After he flung his arms to get free, everyone in my class saw a black shadow dart to the door of the room as it dissappeared into the door, the door shook as if it was hit by something big and hard. The door was made of solid wood and it was a heavy door, even i didn’t have the strenght to make it shake so hard.

I learnt from my lecturer that the spirit had grabbed the arm where his spiritual bracelet was. Somehow the spirit touched his bracelet by accident causing it to be thrown back into the door. As soon as the door shook.. The lights went out and there was a blackout. Some of us took out our handphones and lighters to give some light to our room. We looked at one another.

As i looked around, the door opened and slammed itself again and again for at least 4 times and ended by locking us in the room. No one could open the door. Some people along the corridor heard some noises and came over but they couldn’t open the door. In the end, after 2 hour of trying to free my class from suffocation, the door opened when the power came back on. The schools authority is still investigating the situation and has yet to tell us what really happened. I’m sure there isn’t anything to explain except that there is a force in my computer lab that we better not play with. I hope next week’s class will be a peaceful one…….

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