Fright Nights

OK I have a ghost story to share. I heard this story during the fright nights in NTU from my seniors and this happened in last year’s fright night as you all know during fright nights they are supposed to make the atmosphere eerie by acting ghost and stuff and in places that are so scary. So this is what happened last year. (they usually do a proper ritual before all these). By the way I love fright nights… mine is scary too, in cemetery.

That year, one of the checkpoint is at old changi hospital, in one of the rooms. FYI, its totally dark, and they are carrying candles, if the light is gone means GG to them. In that checkpoint they go in groups of 2 or 3. (usually 1 guy/1 girl) At the checkpoint, they have 1 senior dressed in white and long hair covering the face sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. The mission of the participants is to go in, and talk to the “ghost”(acted by the senior). Some groups went in and were asked to comb the hair of the “ghost” using the comb they found on the floor, etc ,etc. Until 1 group who went in and this girl started screaming non-stop. NON-STOP all the way till she was brought back to school. and guess what… she told them that in that room, she saw not only the “ghost”(the senior in white) but also another person in white too. according to the seniors, they only allocated 1 senior in that room… so what is the person she saw???

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