My School’s Story

My school located at the East of Singapore, also got stories..

Story1: It was known that my school art room or that corridor is ‘dirty’ and many stories of seeing old lady inside or whatever also got. But don’t know real or fake.. This corridor is famous for sightings only.

Story2: At the same block with the art room, 4th floor there is a girls toilet and it is famous for kidnapping. I mean people get lock up there.. As our school is very young, the 1st batch of NCC member went for night walk and after walking past that toilet, 1 got missing and was found after hearing noise in the toilet.. And the toilet is lock….. The teacher quickly went up with keys to get the boy out and dismiss all member back to their home..

Story3: This story i don’t know say how many times le.. This happen to me last year, when i was sec 3, at the camp for sec 1 and 2.. Before the night walk a few Malay guy in NCC was outside the Ncc room looking at up at the block, which was a DnT block. Then they say they saw a white figure.. And 1 of them was very shock. I dun really know what happen cause not very close with them.. Then the NCC sirs all got paranoid nearly wanted to cancel the night walk and in the end made a very eerie atmosphere for all NCC members.. All members are not allow to bring torches and instructors can only hold a light stick in the left hand.. Many NCC sec1 cadets were so afraid that they want too stop this night walk but cannot la.. NCC always like that 1 mah.. Push people all the way..

Story3(continue): I was the last person for the group and that made me more scare.. When we go up to 3rd floor, suddenly all stop but then i don’t know what happen.. The sir in front then say,”Dun care, continue, continue..” So we continue lor.. i don’t know how to tell u all lah.. but the whole night walk was really scary. got many little parts i nv tell u all la.. (lazy type).

Continue: when all the group assemble i start asking my cadets what happen and they all reply they heard a women laughing very very loudly and sharply.. Only i cannot hear.. I start asking my friend and their group and most of them say they heard too except some also cannot hear.. So i think i quite heng la.. Then cadets also start talking nonsense which we don’t know real not. 1 say saw old man wanted to jump down, 1 say light flicking.. Mostly nonsense but the real thing happen then.. Suddenly, one of the sec 4 just got possessed.. I can give exact description of what happen but really no time to tell.. The whole NCC that night was like so scared.. the guy was send home and everyone just huddle in the hall and it was the most scary experience for me till today..

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