NTU Hall Haunted

This encounter of mine did not happen in the school but in the hostel, to be more specific, NTU’s Hall of Residence 5. They had a TV lounge in one of the block and it was rumored to be haunted,

Words going round was that a senior went into the room alone one night to watch some silly show and then he rushed out and from then on, he dared not sleep at night, he will play online games and watch videos until the wee hrs of the morning then go to sleep. His reason was that something was following him and always appear when the light is not on. In the end, he had a nervous breakdown.

I dismissed that story as an urban legend to scare the freshmens until something happened to me. I was to meet a couple of friends there for some beer. I reached there late and when i walked into the room, i realized that my bloody friends weren’t there and it was eerily cold, i stood near the sofa suddenly remembering the story and i could swear i felt something brushing passed me. Anyway, i went out, called my friends and realized they were in the canteen, their reason for not being there…. air con was spoil and it was really hot and stuff inside the room.

By this time, i was feeling kinda ruffled, but feeling sure my friends are trying to punk me, i decided not to let them have the pleasure of scaring me and nod my head in agreement abt the heat. i forgot abt the incident until 3 days later, my roomie, went home for the night and i was bloody alone, after i went to bed, i heard a stir at my roomie’s side and i woke slightly and saw a dark figure sitting on his bed. so i did the natural thing to ask him to lock the door before sleeping. as i laid back, i had a bad feeling which i cant point to, then it suddenly rushed back to me that my roomie said he was not coming back. i stole a glance and realised the figure still there. i jumped up, switched on the table lamp and then the main light. i was alone in the room. feeling scared i decided to call for my neighbour’s help and realised the door was locked on the inside. to double confirm that my roomie wasnt ard, i called his house and he ans the fone clearly irritated.

i moved to another hall after tt semester and i din encounter anything again.

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