New Hong Kah

So as you know, Hong Kah Secondary School has now temporarily moved to another location. Recently rumours spread all around the school from the students to the teachers. There is a few rumours about the fourth storey level. Firstly, the main girls toilet on that level is said to be haunted with ‘unseen visitor’ .

Two girls went into the toilet to do their business, One of them were tying her hair while the other is washing her hands When suddenly one of them spotted something below one of the cubicles inside, She saw the hair of someone on the floor. It is not anyone cutting hair, But the hair seems to be intact with something, It was as if someone was standing upside down and the hair touches the floor. The hair is infact very long. Before they could even make sure if it is for real, One of them started running, So the other blindly followed. They ran all the way to the classroom. During reccess, The rumours spread, Some girl went into the toilet and saw the hair too. It was clear an wet. The hair is black, looks like its just got into the bath. Some of the student didn’t believe, so they ask the auntie to unlock the cubicle, And to their surprise. Inside the cubicle. There was nothing at all !! Just an empty toilet bowl. No hair at all, not at the back door or at the walls. So whose hair could that be. Just imagine it, you are in a toilet when you see hairs below the doors of the cubicle as if someone hair is on the floor still intact to the head..

Next is my personal experience in my classroom, it was between recess and i just bought a packet of drink and went back to class. There was no one there, I like the classroom to be dark, so i just sat on my chair and rest my head. I just couldn’t rest at all. I looked up and saw something frightening. I saw a young lady face with her long frizzy hair behind the teachers table, Her face look sad and exicted, Her face is white and her lips is very dry and her hair lay ontop of the teachers table. My heart just stopped for awhile and i ran out my classroom like a madman. I only came in when the lesson has started. Thank you very much for reading my stories.

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