Greatest Nightmare

My stories began when i was still a little kid. I like to stay until very late. One day, my grandmother is going to a trip to malaysia to pay a visit to her relatives. The relatives live far away from the city. It is like living in some of the jungle. When i reach there, i feel a eerie feeling like been watch by somebody. As a little kid i don’t really care about so much so i went play with my cousin but at night they will always remind us never to enter the room beside the toilet. I was puzzled and started to ask my grandmother but she refuses to tell me and told me never ever go in to the room to play.

Midnight had fallen but i still thinking about the eerie room so i decide to pay a visit to that room. When i try turning the knob, the knob just break and the door open and a strong force just suck me in.

In side the room, there was a very dusty bed and some cupboard and i found a huge mirror on the wall. When i look into the mirror, i find nothing strange about that. When i just turn my head away for a seconds, i saw a very old lady walking toward the wall and after a sudden, she disappeared. At that moments, my legs began to shake and i try to walk away but my legs was stuck on the grounds. The thing is trying to hint me about something but i am not sure with it and i was totally scare out of wit.

The next morning, they found me at the floor holding the mirror and at that moment, i saw the old lady appearing and wave to me with an evil smile. Guess what? The next day, the pig which the relatives rear all die very strangly with a letter L on it.

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