Knock On The Door

This thing happened to me when i was living in my former residence, in Elias Green Condo. The house i was living in had two rooms adjoined by a toilet. One was a study room, while the other was a bedroom. From the study, i could go to my room through the toilet. My mother arranged the room in such a way that the bed is pushed to the toilet door of my room(my room had 2 doors, 1 toilet, 1 room door.) Hence, the toilet door was permanently closed. Every midnight, my father would go inside the toilet to smoke. And so, i can hear him smoking.

I was sleeping in a position that my face faced the permanently closed door. Behind me, (my bed was queen sized and i shared it with my two younger sisters) was my youngest sister, Shafeeqah, half asleep. And behind her, was the 2nd sibling, Shaheerah.

I was about to doze off when out of a sudden, i heard a loud knocking on the door. I ignored it, and continued to doze off. Then, i heard it again. It continued to irritate me until i could no longer take. I gave the door a hard knock on the door, while shouting, “Stop it lah!!!!!!” I speak English at home. So, i shouted out angrily and irritatedly in english. After that, nothing happened. It was quiet once again.

After a few seconds, my elder cousin, Reza, burst into the room. I scolded him and asked him whether he was the one who knocked the door. He said no. He also said that he had just come home from Mobil. He showed me the mobil plastic bag and he was also wearing a cap. Everytime Reza were to leave the house, he would never forget to wear a cap.(Since he had a GI hairstyle then). I wasn’t convinced and thought that he was playing a prank on me.

I went into the kitchen, where my parents were having their supper. I asked them whether Reza had just come home from Mobil. They said yes. My mother recalled that she told Reza to buy milk and that he headed for my room straight away when he reached my home. I didn’t believe them at that instant and not long later, i found myself quarelling with them. Then, to break our quarrel, my father asked me what was wrong. I told them what had happened. Then, there was pin-drop silence.

“We were having our supper all the while, and you know that sayang” my mother interrupted. “Then who knocked on my door?” i asked. I could see in their faces that they did not have the answer. “Bak, let’s sleep in the children’s room tonight.”my mom said.

At night, i could not sleep, thinking as to what had knocked the door. I had heard those knocks so loud and clear, and even shafeeqah heard them.

Frankly speaking, i have never seen a ghost(not that i want to!) and would never wish to see one! I have only heard strange things.Maybe my gift is not sight, but hearing to hear the other beings. This was an incident i will never forget.

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