Pasir Ris Park

It was a Saturday afternoon, 18 August 2001. Me and a few of my good buddies went to Pasir Ris Park, not knowing where else 2 go to on that fine bright day. We had a fine time talking and cracking up a few jokes.

My friend, F, decided to go to the ‘tower’ made of wood. The tower was situated at the other end of the park and was surrounded with huge trees. It was dim although the sun was bright. We started a step at a time up the stairs to the top. We saw nothing but graffiti all over. Being quite bored with the place, we decided to move back to the beach. When we were making our way down, we saw a sign saying “A ‘bapok’ was dancing and jumping and he fell, and his spirit was still there” (roughly, I forgot). My friends and I was quite scared though, coz the place gives us the creeps.

We ran to a nearby hut. It was dusty. When we were discussing about the sign, my friend, Z, suddenly said,”Sabar, sabar” (wait,wait). She was like wanting to tell us that sumthing just happened. We ran automatically, and sat on a bench to calm ourselves down. Suddenly, H, spoke up. She asked who was the one who she accidentally hit her when she was running out of the hut. We looked at one another… no one had been beside her!! We ran again, this time straight to the beach.

At the beach, we asked Z what happened, and she said while we were talking about the ‘bapok’ who died at the tower, she caught a glimpse of sumthing in black passed by the hut. We were so scared!! We sat at the beach for almost 2 hours before everyone got really calmed, and then we proceed home.

On the way, H was quiet. She didn’t even spoke a word. We dismissed it as she being tired. Once we reached her house, she began talking as per normal. I gathered up enuff courage to ask her why she was quiet all the way. She said that she didn’t feel like talking almost after we got out of the park. I was scared that the ghost of the ‘bapok’ followed us..and who was that black figure my friend saw? Could it be just an illusion, or is it for real? We have no clues for now..all I can say is, if you dun believe my story, go to the tower yourself. Its at the far end of Pasir Ris Park. Look at your surroundings, look at the graffiti, look at the sign. You’ll feel the creeps up and down your spine..try it..i dare u…

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