Night Walk Through Bird Santuary

My Story: This incident happended about three years back in 1998 at the East Coast PA campsite. At that time we are having our normal camp which organised for our fellow muslims friends during their december holidays. And like most of our previous camp we always had solo walk in the dark for the participant at around midnight and this time is at the bird santucry neaar by to the PA campsite.

All the participants were blind folded except for the facilitators as we have to keep a look out for any thing that might happen during the night walk. At this time we had already assigned the participant to a place to sit about few meters apart from their friend and listen to a tape called ” Marabuka” which is about your life after death.

Here came the part which really scare the hell out of me. My friend Saiful was video taping the scene when he accidentally caught something on video and it is a white figure flying pass and disappear in a split second. I was from the back when I heard my girlfriend shout and run away. I came forward to ask my other friend when this “thing” caught my eyes. It was a shape of a tall man standing within the thick bushes. At first, I thought it was one of our facilitator but the longer I stare at it, that “thing” which I was staring stared backed at me with red glowing eyes. Only then I realised it was hideous and disappear into thin air. That was only when I freak out but just recited any prayes that came into my mind.

That teach us a lesson not to just enter a place without asking permission……..

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