Run With Me

For all running fanatics out there, all of you should know that running in the night time would be the best time to run. Think again…..

I used to run at night and at long distances usually 5-15km per run, from my house to KK hospital sometimes to orchard road then make a big turn and run straight back home.

On one fateful night in june this year, after school, I decided to take the orchard road route, running into Marymount, then newton circus and into orchard road AND back home. When i was running back home, i decided to take a well known short cut, the Mount Pleasant short cut. I began to feel weird all of a sudden when i entered into mount pleasant road. It was this cold shot right up my spine, even when i was freaking hot 1 1/2 hrs into the run!

Something wasn’t right, i told myself but i kept on running, half way through i started smelling the strong and familiar smell of a ripen mango tree, the smell lingered and was getting stronger. I kept up my pace and was quite terrified. I felt like puking as the smell was getting nauseating by the second and then my worst nightmare came true. Running or floating beside me was a woman dressed in red! Her face was totally pale and the next few things she told me i will not forget,”Ni Wei ser mer mei you deng wor gen ni pao?”(why didn’t you wait for me to run with you) I was freaking out and ran like mad, so fast did i ran that i tripped over a pathment and lie face flat on the floor, bleeding all over,(I’ve got a scar on my left arm as a grim reminder).

The nightmare wasn’t over yet, beside me, there it was floating in front of me, bleeding all over and on the floor. It then did the most terrifying thing, it literally grabbed it’s hair and pulled out it’s head from the socket.

Then like a god given miracle, a white mercedes pulled over a few metres away from me, then he hysterically shouted at me to run over to him fast. I ran into his car enduring the pain and into the back seat, after that i just blacked out.

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital A and E ward with a fractured left arm and a few stitches on my right leg. Mr Neo, whom saved me, called my family members to pick me up, I thanked him and he gave me a word of caution. He told me that the short cut i was using is famous for hauntings at night and he too encountered it before, he told me to wear a talisman and always run in pairs and most important of all do not run at night!

Well, enough said, if you guys or girls who are fond of running in the night, do exercise caution!

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