Block 722 HDB Bedok Reservoir

Have you heard about the Bedok Town Park situated behind Bedok Reservoir Rd and near the PIE? I guess those staying in the eastern might know about this. I have this experience seeing pontianak there. At that time I was 15 years old. Last time I stayed in Bedok Reservoir at Blk 722. That particular night I had to go for my tution.

I went out early because I was meeting my friend. He waited for me under my block and wanted to send me. So I walked with him at the park because taking that route would be much nearer. As it was still early around 7.00pm (and my tution starts at 7.45pm), we decided to sit on the shelter. We were talking and suddenly he ask me to face him. I told him, “Hey don’t try anything nasty!”. He say that he is not going to kiss me but it is more appropriate that when talking to someone and having an eye contact would be better. I did not sense anything amiss so just continue talking.

About 3 minutes later he told me that it would be better that we walk slowly. As we walk, the time showed 7.15pm which is still early. So there is another shelter further down the park and we sat there. Out of a sudden, I saw something in white about a few metres away from our seat coming out from a tree and flowing to the right direction. As I was short-sighted and at that time I was not wearing my glasses, I thought someone was riding a bicycle as fast as he could. Then again while talking to my fren it appear again but now flowing to the left direction. But I just ignore and did not feel scared as I did not think of anything but another bikers.

The third time which makes me realised that it was that “thing”, was when the Pontianak flow from one three to another and another going further in to the darker area. I was shocked but sill keep myself calm. I ask my fren,”Did you see what I see?”. He then pull me and we walk as fast as possible to my the nearest blk. He told me, at first when he ask me to face him is because that “thing” is just beside the tree we are sitting (and the tree was beside me). That is why he did not want me to be scared and ask me to look at him.

Actually at that park there is a blue house (which is actually a toilet but it never open). People say that the Pontianak stay there. He saw that thing again while telling me the truth about just now at the blue house and when I turn to look, that thing dissapear.

I guess when the thing try to scare me, and when it sees that I’m not scared, it try to scare me again. But in fact, I was not wearing my glasses and it might be thinking hmmm why isn’t this gal scared of me. Hehe..

My fren told me that thing is searching for virgin gal’s blood.

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