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This incident happen to me twice in my house and once to my mother. I really feel that something out there just wants to have a night rest at my house for a while. Let me tell you the first part.

That time my sister just got married and the couple went for honeymoon. Their room was vacant and my mum ask me to sleep in their room cause if there is no one sleeping in there, there might be “someone” else sleeping there and true enough that something out there slept with me in the same room. I sleep on the floor cause I don’t feel good in sleeping on the double bed. It’s about near midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I keep turning and turning around restlessly. Suddenly, I heard this loud snoring. I tell u the truth it’s very clear and it couldn’t be my brother who is sleeping in the room next door cause the sound was on top of me. I mean on the bed. I was shock and try to hear the sound properly and the snoring sound was loud. Oh my God, I quickly close my eyes and cover myself with a blanket and prayed hard till the next morning. Then I told my mum who did not believe me.

The second time was in my own room and that time it was after few months after the first incident and it was only me and my brother-in-law who is in the house. He was sitting outside in the living room reading newspaper and me trying to get some sleep in my room. Suddenly, I heard the snoring again and this time I’m very sure that it could not be my brother and no one was sleeping at that time. The sound was at my feet. I slowly curl myself up and cover with my blanket and prayed hard. The next morning again I told my mum. This time she had to believe me.

The third time was my mum who heard it herself. My father was sleeping on the floor next to her and suddenly she heard the snoring at her feet. She asked herself whether is it my father or not. She was sure it’s not my father and she quickly wake my father up but then the sound went away. The next day it’s her turn to tell me and I told her,”See lah..don’t want to trust me some more..” From then on, she trusted me.

Well, whatever is the thing, I hope it won’t come again and disturb us cause “it” really disturbs us.

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