Haunted Changi Chalet

I swear this is a true story. I cannot remember the exact year but it should be either December of 1983 or 1984. I was a regular in the army and had booked a chalet in changi for Saturday and Sunday. We checked in on Saturday afternoon, and went out to the beach and then for dinner. When we returned, other neighbouring units were having BBQ, so we closed our door and ignored them. All this while, I knew that my girlfriend had an unusual ability to see or hear ‘dirty’ things. About 2 am in the morning, my girlfriend woke me up and said she heard sounds of steel chains dragging across the floor. I told her the sound could be from next door and told her to sleep. A while later, she woke me up again, and said the chain dragging sound is clearer, louder and nearer and she cannot take it anymore. I told her to leave our belongings behind and take only our wallets. We quickly left the chalet and walked to the Changi Bus Interchange nearby. It was brighter there, so we decided to sit there until the bus drivers report for work. At 8 am we returned to the chalet, collected our belonging and booked out. I trust she really heard the sound of dragging steel chains of prisoners or war, who died during world war 2.

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