Night Exploration

Hi this happened a few weeks ago when i was at a class organized chalet sleepover in pasir ris. On the first night, the few of us who couldn’t sleep stayed up to play a drinking game. We kept drinking water and only stopped after an hour or so. By that time, we had probably consumed about 3 litres of water so our bladders were just very much waiting to release every extra bit of liquid.

Well anyway, one of us suggested we go recce the red house before our actual expedition the night later. All of us agreed and we left the chalet premises for the house at about 3:40 am. There were six of us – Two girls and four guys. One of our friend gave us the route details so we followed his instructions and walked the road winding into the residential houses. We joked and talked throughout our walk and had to pause halfway to accomodate two guys’ bladders as they really could not hold it anymore. After that we continued walking.

Now here’s where the spooky feeling creeps in. It first started on me when i saw the yellowish bulbs of the lamp posts turned to a white flouresent color. Then on the right side of the road i saw some white colored flower petals. I walked right along side it, all the while looking away from it as i didn’t want to see anything. It was then when one of the guys asked us if we wanted to continue, and as curious as we were, none of us wanted to pull out until we see the house. Then we saw it, dark and mysterious. It seemed to have an invisible arm that beckoned us to go in. Suddenly, one of the guys wanted to leave, he started to walk away and this caused the girls to panic. And we all walked away as fast as our egos would allow. On the way back, we kept quiet mostly but the guy who wanted to leave started to tell us about something he saw inside. And his actions were promptly stopped by the girls as they were still recovering from the earlier shock. We continued our discussions in the chalet and it seemed that two of the guys saw an apparition standing in the garden to the right of the house. And those two guys were the ones who did their business by the drain while we were walking there. I do not know if this is linked but i do have a word of advice for all readers. – Don’t f**k with the unknown…

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