The Strange Knocks

Have any of you guys been to changi chalets b4? From what i heard, most of the buildings have been there since the colonial times. They have sinced been converted to chalets…..

Ok here is my story. If i did not remember wrongly, it happened last year during the nov/dec holidays. My teacher had organised a chalet for 3-4 days at changi for my CCA. I experienced the ghastly encounter on my last night stay when my teacher allowed my friends to stay over while the rest of the CCA left.

The chalet is located between the SAF commando camp and the old changi hospital. When i got there, the place looked quite pleasant. Althought it did not have much facilities(basketball court and bbq pit), the chalet had 2 levels and had 3 rooms on the 2nd floor.

On that night, we had some alchohol and 2 of my friends got tipsy. We dragged them upstairs and lay the into room 2(Lets call the room on the extreme left room 1. That means room 2 was in the middle). A group of my friends stayed downstairs while another group went to room 1. We were chatting happily when suddenly we head a series of knocks coming from the door that divided room 1 from room 2. We thought that the 2 drunk friends were juz trying to call us so we went over to their room. When we open the door, we saw them lying on their beds, still as a stone. Then i called up the guy nearest to the room divider and asked his why he had knocked the door. He decline knocking the door……

All of us thought that he was juz playing a joke with us as he was drunk so we juz headed back to the room to continue chatting. Then again! A repetition of knocks….. This time i wanted to catch them red handed. As the rooms were close to each other, i could hear the knocks when i was outside room 2. When i heard the knocks, i opened the door but all i could see was 2 drunk guys laying still. That night, we stayed awake throught the night….

I still wonder who had knocked the door…

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