Haunted Vacation Room

I’ve came back from KL yesterday.This story is about the hotel me and my friends staying during my 5 days vacations.

I’ve book this hotel earlier by online.I thought it would be a pleasant stay,as this hotel is very popular.Even foreigners enjoy staying at this hotel.It’s really a cheap-online hotel.You could book this hotel at very cheap rates.(I can’t tell you which hotel,as i afraid it might spoil the image).

We arrived this hotel on saturday evening,around 6pm.The location is very strategic.The train just few walks away,nice restaurant arounds,and lots of convinience store.The hotel patrons all are friendly,service are nice,everything very nice and comfortable,until the night comes,it turns to nightmares,really nightmares ok?

We went out to Petaling Street for a little shopping and dinner,and got back hotel by 11pm.We were looking forward to shop in 1 Utama the next day.I dozed off straightly after bath.I’ve switch on the dimmed orange light for my sweet night.

Bad nightmares started,which the nightmare is exactly showing the room i slept.First,i dream a woman wearing white passing from the window out the door of my room.In the dream,it didn’t disturb me.It was just passing.I woke up,and see around my room.Nothing. I sleep back,and the 2nd nightmares comes.This time is a child.He is standing beside my bed,and looking at me.He seems harmless. I wake up again.Look around,nothing.Feel a bit scary already from the two nightmares.I look at the time,it’s just 3am,and i sleep back.

This time,i dream again.In the dream,i was sleeping when Something broke my window glass and i heard scream of a woman.Then i run outside and the security was patroling.I quickly asked him what happen.He told me he didn’t heard any scream,and told me this floor is haunted before.Something happen before..Then i woke up.This time really frighten me up.I open the light.And pray to god.After pray,i sleep until morning.No more nightmares.

My friend slept next room to me.I told her what happen.She is a buddhist,and help me to burn an amulet over my room.The 2nd and 3rd night i slept nicely.No more nightmares.

On the 4th day,we are very tired shopping in Bukit Bintang.Then we decided to ride a taxi.The taxi driver were kind.He show us some spots and tell us the famous things there. Suddenly,he asked me how was the hotel i’m staying.So i told him,it was nice and peoples there were friendly.

The taxi driver told me little history of my hotel.The hotel i staying was managed by new management.The previous management close down after some incident.He said that,peoples staying in the hotel heard screaming of womans at night.Business start to go down after news spread out to tourism companies and the locals.This news spread by employee’s in the previous hotel.

Soon,the management stop the business and it’s been officially closed for few months.It was then,the hotel been taken by this management doing budget hotel.The sounds of woman screaming couldn’t been heard anymore after this management doing the hotel business.Maybe some ritual had done perhaps?Many tourists staying in the hotels soon,and nowdays,it became quite popular.Mostly is fully booked.

We reach our hotel and i thanks the taxi driver for the news.At night,i couldn’t slept,maybe too scared as the news i get is quite similar to the dream i have before.Soon,i dozed off and no nightmares.We leave the next day.And,i told myself no more staying in that hotel.

Coincidence?Or really there are things there,but it appears in my dream?

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