Haunted Vase

I would like to share a story from a relative in Malaysia. My cousin’s wife relatives stay in kampong but sometimes go to KL to visit her family. Most of the kampong younger generation will go to town and city to work and only come back when got off.

One day this two old couple very bored and they went KL to visit their daughter. On the way to her apartment in KL, they found this china looking vase. They saw it very pretty and looked like antique so they decided to bring to their daughter home.

They had access to the key so they went in, while the dad washing the vase inside has those little kid cloth purse he open up inside contain 3,000 ringgit. He called his wife there and both were overjoyed.

When their daughter came back, they told her about it, she took a look and told them to bring home when they go home.

The next morning when they wake up they were surprised to find their daughter room door still close so they open it and discovered that she lying face down in her pajamas on the floor with her mouth foaming.

They quickly called the ambulance bring the daughter to the hospital. Already in coma then brain dead that very night.

They don’t know what happened and being uneducated, they went to medium. The medium saw them and agar agar know why they came to see him. He told them did they take a vase inside have so many ringgit?

They were surprised he knew. They learn from him that there is a young unmarried man who had died in an illness one day told his mummy he want to get married and that is how they should proceed since he is without a partner.

The old couple had pick up the vase which the young guy had to follow them home. When he saw their daughter, he instantly liked her so decided to make her his wife. The vase and the money was supposed to be some dowry for the marriage.

The old couple later sold the vase which is some Ching or Ming vase. They got a good sum of money. Then later they still strike a fair bit of good money in the Malaysian 4d. They then moved out of the kampong.

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