Spooky GPS

My friend’s sister is an insurance agent, and you guys know insurance agent sometimes got to meet client at late night. So there was this particular night where she was supposed to meet the client at around 10 plus and the meeting place is at Choa Chu Kang.

Well, my friend stays around Ang Mo Kio, so obviously my friend’s sister did not know exactly where the address is in Choa Chu Kang, so she typed the postal code given by the client to the GPS system in the car. So she was on her way to the destination, guided by the GPS, unknowingly she drove into a road without lights, but kept going thinking that maybe the client’s house is just upfront.

Then the GPS asked her to turn right, she turned and facing her was a abandoned house with a signboard “under construction” at the main gate. Now my friend’s sister tried to type the postal code again, but the GPS still ask her to turn right, and there is totally no road on her right except tall bushes.

That was when she got panic, lock the car door, make 3 point turn and drove out, driving back the way how she came in. That was when she sort of woke up and realised that there were tombstones by her side, she didn’t even notice them on her way in previously. While driving out, she also saw a white figure flying pass beside her car for a few seconds.

That was all I could remember, and she did meet up with her client at the end. My friend told me this 2 days after the incident while we were having supper, so he was intending to take out the memory card from the car video camera and view it at home. But the video got overwrite because the car video cam can only record up till 48 hours. And the video just got deleted, meaning if he had not meet me for supper, the video would still be there.

Until now, we are still wondering why did the GPS brought her there and why she did not realise she was driving into the cemetery at all. My friend was saying that, it was like something was trying to lure his sister to that house. But luckily nothing else happened after that.

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