Taoism Karma

This is a story I hear from someone before. There was a man who used to be a Taoist/Buddhist. Then one day somehow his friends convinced him to convert. He has a lot of those idol figures. So what he does was shocking. Instead of going to temples and give back, he smashed every single piece of them. Heard many got Kai guang before.

Within 5 years, he contracted cancer and died and was given a Christian funeral. His relatives one day went to medium for some issue on another relative when this medium commented that they have this relative whom is another religion one now is in hell, complain hungry and no clothes.

They were shocked and asked why was he there? The medium probes further and told them that he was supposed to be bring up heaven by angels but the cow face and horse head intercept and told the angels of what this guy had done. After some discussion, the angels let them take him away cos the guy committed that grave act in the first place.

So the guy had requested for some offerings just like normal Chinese Taoist dead.

The morale of the story is that when renouncing your former religion, you must do it properly not in any bun bridge way.

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