Henderson Secondary School

I do not believe in ghost such thing but after i encountered these incident i change my point of view.

These happened when i had a camp in school, it was a 3 days 2 nights camp. On the first night, my friends and i decide not to sleep and had planned to play “daidee” (a type of poker game) throughout the night. We set ourselves comfortablely in one corner of the room where chairs and tables surrounded us, so that no one will see us. Half way through our game, I heard some noise outside the classroom. I told my others friends about it and they started to concentrate on hearing the noise.

A few minutes later, the sound appeared again. This time it was like just outside our classroom. And the sound was like a girl talking. Then we thought that it was one of the girl which stay beside our classroom playing some prank on us so we decided to go out and check it out. To our surprise, we saw no one along the corridor. So we went back and carried on our game.

Just when we were about to start our game, the sound reappeared again. One of my friend, Ah heng, cannot stand it any more and so we decide to go out and find who is that person. So we picked up our torch light and walk out off the our classroom.

When we were outside, we strolled slowly along the corridor so that she will not notice us. When we was walking, I noticed something was moving on the second floor(as ours was on the 3rd floor), so i shine my torch light down to see who’s that. To my surprise, I saw a girl wearing our school uniform. She turned her head around and saw us, then she started to shout at us with those language that none of us knew. After hearing finished her shouting, she started to float to us. We will all shocked and speechless, and none of us can move.

As the ghost draw closer and closer towards us, slowly regaining our consious, we picked up ourself and ran towards the staircase and out of the school. When we were all out the school, we notice that Ah Heng was not with us. We were sure that he was still inside the school but the rest of us just too terrifled to step into the building as the thing is still inside the campus. So we decide to find Ah Heng in the next morning………………….

We see our watches and notice that it was 7 something, so we went into the school to find Ah Heng. To our horror, when we find him, we saw him naked hanging onto the flag pole unconsciously.

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