Hide & Seek

I’m sure you have the old people saying about playing hide and seek around dusk…that u might be hidden by a ghost called hantu tetek(the breast ghost)….Well at that the time when I heard this saying I dun really believe it…but after a recent incident I changed my views about it …

Back in 1999, I went to one of my aunt chalet at Pasir Ris NTUC Chalet (thats the name back then coz now the place is known as Down Town East) alright not to waste time, I’ll start the story.

My aunt booked the second floor chalet at block G and it was around 6.30pm my cousin Dhika and his brother was playing hide and seek with me coz we are so bored and was running out of idea what to play.

I and Dhika was hiding under the staircase landing at block G and the room in front of us was occupied by a malay family. We were chatting and laughing thus we dun realised that it was already 7.00pm and was wondering why does it took so long for his brother Hazlin to look for us. Thats was when realised that our surrounding was totally different…mind you we are block G and infront of us was a malay family…now infront of us was an Indian family..we were too stunned and quickly walked out and ckeck the block alphabet it was not G we are all the way at block A. How the HELL we get there when all the while we have been hiding at block G…The thought of it send shivers down our spine…While we were running back towards our block, we saw his brother and ran up to him.

He told us that he have been looking for us all over the block G and H coz that where we promised to hide not further than that..We told him what had just happened and decided to ask the malay family if they notice anything amiss…What they told really shocked both me and Dhika. One of the aunty actually saw us hiding there and the next moment we are not there….

We never told our parents about what had just happened and keep it to ourselves and believed what we have heard before about that such ghost as it exist…

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