Hospital Night

This is an experience i had when i was in secondary school. I was admitted to hospital which i can’t say. I got a very high fever and fit at that time, and have to spent one nite there. That one nite is one which i’ll never forget.

I was at class “C” ward, which means there are a few others with me in the ward. Ususally there are 3 nurses around doing the night shifts in each ward. But my bed happens to be at the end of the ward, so i am very much alone in that sense. For some reason, i woke up in the middle of the nite and glance at my watch. It was 3am. Suddenly, i felt presence all around me, and when i look at the corridor, it was a sight I’ll never forget.

There, walking along the corridor, was a group of womanlike-figues, all wearing white. Their back were facing me, so i only saw their long hair and long flowing white robes. There were abt 10 of them. And when i look down, they were floating!! Luckily they did not turn, otherwise I won’t be here telling this story. They just “floated” towards the staircase at the end of the hall. I think they were pontianaks. I quickly read out some Quranic verse to calm myself, thanking God i was not harmed.

One thing I want to tell u all people out there, pontianaks are not ghosts of people who died during childbirth. Those who died during childbirth goes straight to heaven after Doomsday, they are categorised under those who got the “Shahid Death”, which means they go straight to heaven, the same as those who fought and died because of Islam. The pontianaks we know of are actually demons and syaitans.

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