My Patients Saw Something

Another experience I had was when I was working in one of the wards and I have to work till 9pm and that’s where the eerie part comes.

There was this particular patient who likes to sit on the bed or lie on the bed staring blankly at the fan which was on top of her. Me and my friends were curious as to whatever thing is she watching and we observe her from far and maybe she realise that we were watching her, she look at us with big eyes. We quickly look at something else and when we look at her again, she starts to stare at the fan again. Hmm..maybe there is really something there for her to stare at.

Another story is when me and my friend were doing our rounds to see whether the patients are snugly tucked in their beds and comfortably sleeping, there was this patient who couldn’t sleep and so we ended up talking to her. She pointed to us outside the window and told us what is that. Me and my friend look out of the window but nothing could be seen except for the next building of the hospital. We told her that it is another building of the hospital but she say no. She say there is something else there which bothers her. She complain that she couldn’t sleep because of that. We were shocked. Luckily that time we are about to sign out and we told the patient not to worry about that “thing” and go to sleep. She refuses to sleep but kept looking outside the window. We then tucked her neatly under the blanket and leave her. I ask my friend whether she saw anything and she say no. Me too. What is it then?…hmmm…

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