Hotel Haunting Incidents

When I was in Bangkok last year, in my hotel room, I was suddenly woken up by someone calling my name. Its very loud and urgent and sounded just by my ear thus making me jumped up. I looked at my friend and he was sleeping like a pig. I stayed in this hotel several times and that’s my first time encountering such those things.

Another freaky incident that happened to me was when I stayed at this hotel in Genting. There’s a bird in the hotel room when we entered it and we stayed on quite a high level and how this bird get into the room? Thinking about it, one can hardly see any birds up in Genting.

Once I went holiday in Melbourne and a group of us stayed at this service apartment which is quite well known amongst the SIM/RMIT students and one of my pals that happened to bunk over our apartment at night commented that the toilet is so creepy as if someone was staring at her and its a very strong feeling. This girlfriend is quite spiritual thus I think the feeling must be really creepy. There’s lots of ghost stories about this service apartment spread among the students themselves.

This incident happened to my friend and it’s quite scary, cant remember much on the details but I remembered my hair was standing when I heard it. Apparently my friend and her group of friends went Labrador park one night and she was having her menses during the time. She didn’t have a good feeling about there and insisted that they go soon but It was already in the wee morning when she got home, she stayed on the 8th floor and took the lift up. Along the way..the lift door opened at level 3…thinking nothing much about it my friend just continued and subsequently it stopped at level 6… by then my friend is already feeling very panicky. The worst part was when it bypassed 8th floor and stopped at the 9th floor!!!!!!!! This time round my friend was like already dashing out and running down the stairs to 8th floor and to her horror the lift door opened when she reached the lift lobby and its impossible for the lift door to open at 8th unless someone pressed for it.

There was once went my friend and her bf stayed over at this hotel at the outskirts of Bangkok. After bathing my friend was still standing in the toilet there drying her hair while her bf showers. Due to vapor, the mirror is often foggy and out of the corners of her eyes she saw Thai wordings appearing on the mirror. So she called out to her boyfriend and asked her bf in Bahasa (Both of them are Indonesian and she scares the ‘thing’ understands our language lol) whether he can sense or see anything on the mirror. Her bf had a shock not from the ‘thing’ that the gf saw but from the look of my friend. He mentioned later that my friend looks like ghost as her face had turned all white. So he immediately stop bathing and while coming out from the tub he slipped and fell.. luckily he was holding on to something else the consequences might be quite bad. They tried to off the tap but they couldn’t off it, they had no choice but to go next door to ask the person over to help off and to their surprised it was turned off easily. They were there on a religious trip but they went to find the master and asked if they could switch room with her. It was confirmed by the master that the room is indeed haunted but its just a harmless female ghost…the master further mentioned that when she was having her massage in the room, ‘she’ was walking in front of her and playing with her hair. In fact she said that it is not surprising that my friend saw the scripting on the mirror because it is a Buddhist charm/script to ward off those things and normally Thai hotels will have it.

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