Hungry Pontianak

This is a true story. My aunt experienced the most horror episode of her life at her work place. She told me the story and now, i shall share it with you.

My aunt worked in one of the factories at Tuas in the 90’s. She prefers to work in the night shift cos the pay is much higher compare to the afternoon shift. One normal night, she suddenly had the urge to relieve herself. She rushed to the toilet located at the back of the factory. This toilet however, faces the little garden which every factory tend to have at their backyard. A couple of banana trees is enough to make the little garden looks eerie at night.

Reaching the toilet, she went into one of the cubicles. While relieving herself, she heard the sound of the rubbish bin in the toilet being skirmished. She thought that it was a cat. When she stepped out of the cubicle however, what she saw was a “near death experience”.

A lady with a hideous face, unkept long hair and wearing dirty, greyish, brownish long robe was licking blood from a used sanitary napkin. My aunt just froze there, can’t move or even faint. The next thing the lady did was terrible. She pointed towards the direction of my aunt’s pelvis, maybe the lady knew that my aunt was having her period at that time. The lady then rushed towards my aunt and fiercely tried to rip open my aunts pants. At that moment, my aunt faint.

The next thing that happen was that, she was surrounded by her friends. This is what actually happened according to one of the senior female workers there. The lady is actually a pontianak, maybe living in the garden, whom is hungry for blood. She must have smell the blood from the used sanitary napkin left in the rubbish bin in the toilet by the afternoon shift workers. My aunt however, happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and at the wrong period!

I guess i have this to say to the pontianak….Can you smelllllllllll……when the ..coming….!!!!

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