Police Academy Tales

ROD from PNSF in January 1999. Enlisted into PNSF in September 1996 into JOB Squad 53/96 into Alpha Company of 85th Intake. The vicinity of Police Academy has its taboos. No pork/lard allowed…….. Or pay the PRICE!

The hectic training at PA, not forgetting the law-aspects we had to study, makes a trainee too tired by Lights-Out at 2230hrs. Snoring and some whispering can still be heard within the bunk by which all motions will gradually end by midnight adjourning for sleep. Sleep is utmost importance for another hectic day in PA.

It was on the last corner double-decker bed of the fourth floor. A Chinese trainee suddenly woke up! With blood-shot eyes, he shot out of bed. “INI KATIL AKU! INI….KATIL AKU!!” (This is my bed! – in Malay) The rest of them woke up. How could a Chinese trainee with no knowledge of the language of Malay speak such fluent Malay in the middle of the night? Possession is a NORMAL routine in Police Academy. The Field Instructors (FIs) would be summoned into the bunk and send the trainee for ‘cleansing’ and back in bunk as normal. This is a version of Alpha Coy. Bravo Coy faces a chicken coop of Serene Garden. During the day, the usual sounds of clucking and crowing fowls awaken the trainees of their slumber. But as night falls strange sounds are heard from the coop…not clucks nor crows but strange low howls.

Charlie Coy has a family of Hantu Galah prowling its vicinity. Usually seen walking from the MO, looking like a normal family of three; a father, mother and child, walking down from the MO down toward Charlie but as they proceed nearer, their height seems to get taller. (A major charateristic of Hantu Galah or Pole Spooks.)

Sleeping at night is to be appreciated to its maximum in preparation for the next day. A trainee woke up to see transparent beings walking form bed to bed in the bunk. In the shape of a mother and child, they move around looking at trainees sleeping. This trainee, however, tried to sleep. The beings stopped at his bed. “DIA TAK TIDUR, MAK!” (He’s not sleeping,Mum.) The child being told his mum. The trainee screamed! The apparations vanished and he was sent for ‘cleansing’.

Delta Coy faces the disused CISCO bunks of Onraet Rd. Strange movements and apparitions can be seen from within the CISCO vicinity. The back of Delta Coy faces the garden and drill sheds in the foreground and Alpha Coy in the background. Strange stories of apparitions are heard here. There’s even a disused well in the compounds of the garden. The well is hidden by a big old tree with draping creeping roots from its branches. Several versions of stories were heard of this well relating to World War 2.

Every morning each squad has two represenatatives known as OB (Orderly Barracks) to collect a fresh newspapers from the Guard Room and leave the previous day newspapers. Dressed in PT kits, these two OBs will jog down from their Company to collect their newspapers for the whole squad to read. That day, it was different. These two OBs were jogging down earlier than usual due to the IPPT tests. While they were jogging back from the Guard Room near the Swimming Pool, they saw an another set of OBs proceeding to the Guard Room. On a second look the other two OBs do not seem to jog but slide…. The two OBs diverted dashed across the Hall into Charlie Coy not knowing who the other two OBs were.

The lesser heard stories of apparitions come from the C Course bunks, FI bunks and the lesser-known Police Band building. I was there at 2130hrs making phone calls on a coinphone when I heard faint sounds of the Police Military Combo band playing some songs……IN THE DARKNESS?! A brief description of our very own Thomson Road Police Academy classic.

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