Jokes Can Be Harmful

It all started when D made a “harmful” joke.

Well….as u noe, every P6 class loves to celebrate at the end of our PSLE. Dat was exactly what we did! We were having a bbq at the beach. D was the joker of the class and that was probably the reason many of my classmates said they wont come if D wasnt there cuz without D there there wouldnt be any jokes. But then again if D wasnt there, none of this would ever have to happen…..

“Hey guys, guess what? I wanna marry a Pontianak!” D yelled in amusement. We laughed at his joke. Then we were singing songs having a great time.

All of a sudden, G shreicked. We turn and asked her what was wrong, but her lips were frozen and she was just pointing at the sea. We turned to look at what she was pointing at, then i got the fright of my life: there was a “figure” (i could tell it was a female) that seemed as if she was ‘floating’ 3cm above the sea water. We all thought it was just our imagination as it was 3am and we were really tired. But in my heart i knew that there really was a figure, but i didnt want to tell my friends as it would frighten them.

Few weeks later, D called me up and said that whenever he entered his room he always saw this woman on his bed (he claims that she was waiting for him). I thought he was fooling me but then i realized that the figure at the sea was a woman. I immediately ran over to D’s house. When i entered his room, i couldnt see anything. It looked pretty normal but then D claimed that there was a figure at the mirror combing her long black hair with an ancient comb(as he says). But i still could not see anything. I told D to ask his mom to consult a medium. He said it was no point as his mom did not believe in mediums or ghosts so it was up to my friends and i to help D.

When we consulted the medium, i told the medium about the lady at the sea and the lady on D’s bed. He said that we should not have messed around with ghosts or poke fun at them as he claims they too have “feelings”.

When we were at D’s house, we were sitting in a circle, the medium instructed us to chant after him, i could tell it was malay prayers, being a faithful catholic, i didnt want to chant malay prayers so i thought saying my own prayers will help but i was wrong. The medium some how knew that it was me not following the prayers and gave me a look and i somehow got a msg dat if i dont follow i am not helping D.

After 15 mins, we all heard a loud yell. The medium told us not to be afraid as we were summoning the spirit out. But the pontianak refused to leave, the medium said she wanted to kill D as a revenge to what he had said at the bbq. But he said if we chant more we might be able to make the spirit leave. We chanted faster and faster. Our voices filled with confidence and the more we chanted, the louder we said it.

Then we heard a ear-piercing scream. The medium announced that the spirit had gone back to the other world. He warned us never to mess around with spirits even if it was meant as a joke. We agreed and from that day on, we never ever muttered a word about ghosts or joke about them.

If u do not believe what u just read, i suggest u think twice. If thats still not convincing, then u go say u want to marry a pontianak and see what happens if u are as unlucky as D…………. just remember always: Sometimes jokes can be harmful………

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