The Lady

It was quite some time ago that this happened. It was along Changi area, where I was hanging with a bunch of friends after some drinks as Changi Village.

After some distance, I began to feel the air weighing down on us, but I kept quiet about it anyway. We came across this woman, about to cross a stretch of road but was having some diffculty as the traffic was pretty busy.

I took glances at her while we engaged in our conversation. I suddenly caught this vision of a lady. She was translucent, and was wearing this strange white gown, with a grey aura around her. Her gown was tattered and illuminated a dim glow.

I knew what she was and something tells me she was up to no good. True enough, the lady edged nearer to the woman trying to cross the street. Her arms were up, and she looked like she was about to push the woman onto the busy road.

I let out a holler and told my friends to hold on to the woman. My friends, knowing my ability to ‘see’ things, went right away without questioning. The woman was shocked to see us and took a step away from the road.

I went for the lady and I started to yell at her,”What the hell are you trying to do? God will protect us and He is going to take you away!” and along I said my prayers. Facing her, her face was a blurred vision, there was no proper definition of features, what was outstanding was that her lips was red. Her fingers was bony and she had a really bad stench.

The lady let out a screeching laughter and began to evaporate right in front of my eyes. All my friends saw was my angry face, loud words to the empty air and a shaking body, looking like I was about to pounce on something.

The woman was in shock what happened but was thankful nevertheless when my friends told her I have the third eye.

I have a sincere warning to all those who challenge the belief of spirits. They exist. And they have a place in our everyday lives, be it you like it nor not. Even when you are reading this, there might be company, right next to you. And its best you leave them alone and do not try to disturb them or investigate their existence.

You don’t like your privacy violated either. Do you?

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