Mount Ophir

I just like to share with all of u with one of my many experiences in Mt Ophir. It kinda of scary but I guess if u are going to this kind of places just beware to expect the unexpected. I’ve been there a lot of times. Well …i guess being close to nature and the supernatural … kind of exciting.

The story goes: It was my 3rd climb back in 1988 with my fellow poly mates(8 of us). We were on our way down and decided to camp overnite near the waterfall where there is cement bridge ( those been there should know this). It started to rain around 7pm and the waterfall started to overflow. So we had a fast dinner and went inside our tents ( 2 of them ). It was not until 11pm that the rain stopped and all of us went out to make hot drinks. It was so cold and eerie. I just had the feeling that we were being watched but I just brushed this aside. I just thought it was just a feeling.

We were laughing and talking until one by one went inside to sleep. Just left me and a fren. I told him I was getting tired but he told me to wait because he just lighted up a cigarette. Seconds later, he threw his cigarette and told me to go inside the tent. Once inside he frantically looked for a torchlite . We had two of them but none working all of the sudden. He started to look out from the tent window & I asked him what happened. He looked at me and said..” GHOST ”. “ Damn it !! Why u tell me”. I scolded him

It was 1am…and hell I couldn’t sleep at all. I lied down with my face looking up straight. I dare not moved. I started to hear a lot of funny sounds…people walking around the tent… playing with the rope.. group of people talking. And the tent pole started to shake like something sitting on it and I was 2nd from the entrance..

All of the sudden I saw a yellow lite on top of the tent moving to and fro. Hey man… is some body playing a joke or what…The whole thing carried on until dawn. I was so relieved when I saw the first light. I pulled my fren aside & asked him what he saw. He told me that he saw a white cloth flying from tree to tree …PONTIANAK…Well my frens from the other tent also experienced the same thing.

My advice : Don’t say or do anything if you see something unnatural be it in day or nite.

Go there with one objective.: Enjoy mother nature. Shut your mouth up. Don’t be so loud and say vulgarity. Respect the locals. Just listen to their advice. Don’t be arrogant. These people know what they are talking about. It just up to u to listen or not.

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