Karak Highway

Once a family was travelling along Karak Highway at night and just after the tunnel, their car broke down. The husband tried to start the car but he cannot start and tried to fix it but it’s too dark so he tried to wait for other cars for assistance but none came. So he decided to walk to the tunnel control centre and tell his wife to lock the door and don’t come out until he came back.

A few min after he left, the baby started crying and there will things banging on the roof of the car and the mother tried to console her baby but she wouldn’t stop crying.

There are cars driving pass them intially slow down but sped off when they come near the vehicle.

Soon, a patrol car came and stop a distance in front of the car, shone light at her and tell her and her baby to run as fast as she can to the patrol car and don’t look back. But out of curiosity, she looked back at the car and she saw a pontianak holding her husband’s head and banging on the car.

I’m not sure wheather the story is true or not and it will be intresting to show an article about the infamous highway.

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