The Peeping Lady Part 2

This happened in August last year. My 2 friends and I were on our way home after a night of fishing at pasir Ris Beach. It was just after midnight and I remembered commenting on how full and bright the moon was. At this point, we were walking down the path with 3 huts on our right.

Whenever we passed by this hut, the 3 of us would get “excited” as we would be wondering whether there’s any sexual activity going on in those huts. We wanted some adventure so we decided to scare those fools. My friend, AJ, made a that familiar giggle of a pontianak. Soon after, we saw figures looking out of 2 of the huts. We laughed so hard but in the midst of laughing, I heard another similar giggle. AJ was still laughing with my another friend. I nudged AJ and the 3 of us almost wet in our pants when we heard the “real” pontianak laughter.

In no time, the 2 couples in the 2 huts rushed out, but the couple in the centre hut was the one who ran out, with the guy leaving his girl behind. Do u want to know why?

We saw a white figure on top of that hut with it’s long hair covering the entrance of the hut. Since the moon was full and bright, it’s a lady wearing white, looking into the hut! The scene almost looked like the one form the movie ‘The Ring’!

I don’t know why we were still staring at it…It sat up and looked like it was ready to fly after us! What’s more, we ran together with the couples!!!

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