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When I finished my N levels and turned 17 I didnt want to study anymore so I found a job in a budget hotel in Joo Chiat. I can name this hotel as it is no longer there. It was called Chancellor Hotel. It was a favourite hotel for drug peddlars as they use to hold drug parties .And we had guest like these who peddled in Drugs staying there for up to a week. On one particular night while i was in the night shift as a Hotel Receptionist. This regular customer checked in, Well he was always seen checking in with differant women like Thai, China , filipino and indonesians. But on that night he checked in alone. Me being Young and curious I wondered why he was not attached today.. Anyway I handed the key over to him and he proceeded up to his room,and Me and my manager were just laughing tat probably he was too broke to book a girl that night..From the front recept, we could view the CCTV of most angles on all the Floors.. and we saw this customer proceeding to his room, then we saw a female lady with long hair walking behind him, and when he opened the room door, she went in with him. Well Me and my manager started making jokes that probably his new chick was a shy one so she waited for him upstairs. In the early morning about 9am , this guy checked out, so I politely asked him if the lady with him is still there? or I can give a wake up call? He stared at me and said what woman?…I checked in and slept alone the whole night…Me and my manager was flabbergasted…anyway news spread on later. that a thai girl that he had bedded committed suicide after he dumped her….hmm must have been thai gal following him,,, so much for being a casanova

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