Myth Of White Crocodile

Long ago in Singapore, before the WWII starts,  there is an old Malay village located near the Singapore River.  At this time, the Singapore River was packed with wild crocodiles.

Despite the crocodile running wild in the river, one such man still can build his house and live by this river.  To avoid confusion, let us just addressed this man as “Wak Kasim”

Now, how did he survive living with these crocodiles?  By feeding these crocodiles with fresh meat, each and everyday.

Due to his kindness for feeding the crocodiles,  these wild and can’t be tamed creatures somehow become tamed.  But all did not ends well as Wak Kasim got terribly ill.  in this current state, he can’t go to work. When he’s not working, he can’t earn some money. And if he got no money, he can’t buy meat to feed this ‘pet’.

Wak Kasim felt pity for these crocodiles and finally, he declared himself as fresh meat,  as he jumps into the river to feed his ‘pets’.

Surprisingly, the crocodiles did not rip him apart, spilling the man guts and liver all over the river.  Instead, one of the crocodiles carried Wak Kasim on it’s back

while the others overlap themselves on top of him.

Days passed, the villagers wonders what happen to Wak Kasim.One of his friend paid him a visit.Only to find out that Wak Kasim is not at home, and no where to be found.

A search routine has been announced to locate Wak Kasim.But in the end, they failed to find him. All of them suspected that the crocodiles has gotten Wak Kasim Rush to the spot where Wak Kasim normally feeds the crocodiles,each and everyone of them saw a huge white crocodile,never seen before, swims away into the mist.

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