Nightmarish Hotel Experience

This happened to me when me and my family had to go outstation because my dad was going to play table tennis. My dad booked a not so fancy hotel but still comfortable one. We went in the room and unpacked our stuff in the room. I see the room was not so bad at all. It looks quite nice. Well enough about this nice/fancy stuff, I am going to tell you my experience while I and my family was staying in this hotel.

1.) Everywhere I go I will bring along my Playstation 2. So one day while I was playing the Playstation 2 with my brother, the TV and PS2 suddenly switched off by itself. At the same time I heard the switch of the TV pressed as if something pressed it but nothing was there. Thinking it was a power glitch, or maybe the wire was not properly connected, I checked but the wire was properly connected and everytime you reset the PS2, the TV will go black and beside the CD reader it is red light, am I right? Thats wat I saw, red light, as if something switched it off. We played again but after a few minutes playing, it switched by itself again, so we stopped playing.

2.) When I and my brother was watching TV, when we were watching this awesome show, suddenly the channel changed by itself. Thinking my brother did it, I asked him to change the channel back, but he admitted that he didn’t do it. I too was sure that I didn’t press the remote control unpurposely with my elbow, hand, leg. I scolded my brother but he still said that he didn’t do it. While Iwas scolding him, the TV suddenly changed channels by itself and switched off by itself.

3.)This is the most scariest experience in this hotel for me. When I was bathing, I heard the toilet flush. I quickly wore my towel thinking that someone was there. I slid open the translucent door to see who was in the toilet but no one was there. The thing that scared the hell out of me was the toilet flushed but not water that came out…GUESS WHAT CAME OUT?! BLOOD!! I ran out of the bathroom screaming like hell and dove into the blanket. I only calmed down when my mom comforted me.

4.) When I and my family was packing up to go home, as we were going to leave the room, I saw the television switched on by itself. As I was the last to leave the room and they were waiting for me outside the lift, I quickly closed the door and joined with my family near the lift.

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