Old Changi Hospital

Just wanna share my experience after a few visit to Old Changi Hospital……

Actually i was not a timid person i have been to the Hospital for quite a few time and also visited its mortuary which i heard had been sealed…(the mortuary i was talking about was at the other part of Changi Hospital now covered in bush…..

My story was during a visit with around 9 friends all male and we went to the main building on the hill top after entering the hospital we saw another group of teenagers(paikia) like us passing each other. We ignored them and went seperate way. It was scary as on our way up the staircase, there are chinese amulets covering the floor (thinking about it chills me).

It was just when we reach the second floor there is suddenly loud crashing of the windows glass and all sorts of noise from the other end….follow by crying of the girls in that group. We believe that it was what done by the other group of people. We are very scare a run all the way out of the hospital and get out of the building.

We deduce that they people inside must be possessed and gone crazy after that it calms down and the police was also informed….

But we never know what happen to the group of people and why they behave like this……………….

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