Pontianaks At Highway

This pontianak story was told by my second language teacher in high school. The story goes like this…

It was thursday night, the malay couple were driving their small Toyota car on the Malaysia’s highway. The highway was in total darkness, the only light that they can see is their car’s front light. Everything had turn out perfectly but suddenly the fuel was empty. The couple had to stop by the side of the road to wait for help. Time passes, the couple waited for an hour already. The husband told his wife to stay in the car while he asked for help. The air-conditioner was not working thus, his wife was bathe in sweats. Out of a sudden, the roof on the car seem stomped by someone and the car started to jerked as if some one was pushing from behind. Her face turned white like a white sheet.

She started to panic, she got out of the car and saw two pontianaks flying above her. The sight of the pontianaks was horrifying. When she turned around she saw her husband’s body, he was covered in blood. Out of no where she felt blood dripping onto her hands, but when she looked up she saw the third pontianak holding her husband’s head she was licking his head like a child savouring an ice-cream.

She ran into her car and chantered some holy words from the Quran. The pontianaks started to shrieking like a cat being burn alive. The shriek gets louder and louder everytime. My friend encountered the same thing when he started chanting the holy words. As you can see pontianaks do exist in this world of ours. Pontianaks with a ‘s’ not pontianak!!!!

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