Radio Played By Itself

This incident just happened recently in my house. I don’t know whether it’s supernatural or just power trip. Mum went into one of the empty rooms in our flat.

When she walked into the room and the unplugged radio started to play music. The radio could only be powered by a plug power source, but the radio was at the corner of the room unplugged.

I was at the kitchen when she started to scream and asked me to go and have a look. So I went in to see what happened. And there it was, the radio blaring out some old Chinese song.

Initially at that point I freaked out, but realized that why should I freak out when it is my house?

So I just shouted out loud in mandarin : “You are not welcomed here and get out of our house, if you have any grievances here is not the place for you to do it”. Then the radio just died out.

Mother thought that the spirit or dunno what supernatural entity might be trying to communicate to us through the radio. Did not really hear the lyrics of the song as it was really those old Chinese 1940-1950s song.

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