A Spooky Dream

Just the other day, I dreamt of my younger brothers, my late ma and I talking to an auntie who had passed away not too long ago, on the speaker phone.

After the conversation ended, we all agreed – how come she is dead but we just spoke to her on the phone?

Then the dream changed, and I was in a room in a house (apparently mine but I couldn’t recognize it) and I was feeling afraid and I asked my late ma to help me cover the window with cloth or something.

Then I woke up from those dreams.

Here’s the SCARY PART.

I was awake and just closing my eyes, hoping to fall back asleep when I heard a faint but CLEAR growl at the window!

Picture this, my girlfriend and I sleep together and out bed is quite near the window, and I sleep nearest to the window.

I rarely have all these GOOSEBUMPS and all but when I heard the growl, all my hair at the back of my neck instantly stood on ends!

It was very short, less than a second, but I’ve never heard of anything like that before. It didn’t sound like an animal growling.

Now I wasn’t facing the window directly, so being scared, I turned to wake my girlfriend up, but she just grunted and continued sleeping.

I was really afraid, for some reason, and I asked her to help me close the curtains.

She continued sleeping and then I braved myself to close the curtains and I turned and THE CURTAINS WERE DRAWN AND CLOSED!

Fark, I distinctly remember the curtains were NOT drawn when we went to sleep!

I tried waking up my girlfriend again and told her what happened and asked whether she remembered the curtains were drawn or opened, and the she woke up, her eyes BIG AS SAUCERS.

“Don’t scare me leh.. We opened the curtains before we went to sleep mah..”

Shit, until now I can’t explain the incident.

By the way, the room we are renting is on the 4th floor, facing some big and tall trees.

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