Red Hooded Girl

My story is kind of spooky cos my fren actually experienced it too.

At that time, i was only 11. I lived in a HDB flat in Tampines but now I moved out-in Tampines also. It was late at night and i went to sleep.

Suddenly, i sense a presence in my room. I don’t know whether my siblings sense it or not as they were sleeping soundly. Then i opened my eyes a bit and i saw a girl with a red dress with a red round hat standing in front of my bed. I got to admit the girl looked cute but not scary. Then she suddenly she started to opened her mouth and try to say something. I can still remember what she said to me. The words were-“Don’t move or else you’ll die”. Of course she said that to me in malay. The weird thing is she said it way out loud and my siblings didn’t even got woken up. Only i hear her. So i followed what she say cos she looked really serious.

I got a glance at the clock and it was 4 in the morning. I couldn’t do much but just stay still in my position feeling almost part of my body numb. The next thing i knew it was 9 in the morning. I could not explained what happened back then.

Until now i was wondering who was that little girl. Was it a dream? And why me?

After several years later, i told this story to a fren of mine. The weird thing is he also saw that little girl with a red dress and a round red hat. I don’t know why she told me not to move at that time. Right now i’m still in figuring it out.

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