The Sun Goes Down

The night that played with me, happened just last year on a humanless Saturday night.

The time was around close to 12am. People believed that it’s “their” playtime. Personally, i don’t believe that. “They” are already with us throughout our daily lives. Just believe that you’re never alone even when you are.

Around the area where i lived, is said to be “occupied”. “Occupied” with something they call, “The Queen”. She is said to be the “strongest” in the area. Then i wonder how many there are actually.

As i walk down the lonely road, i heard a dog howlling. I should have known it was a sign. And i should have never walked alone.

While walking towards the dumping site, there was something really wrong with the surroundings. The lights flicker, the wind rises, weird darkness crept in and i could swear i smell a sweet scent. All points to a presence of the other side. Like a stupid ass like i have always been, i stopped in my tracks. I just wanted to see if it is all real. I was really out of my mind. It should be real; the signs, the dogs howling. I should have moved, towards the safety of my own house and room.

I closed my eyes and as these thoughts run through my head, it was already too late. I could feel it. It was already here. The sounds of flap that sends the chill down your spine and all the way to my soul. I took up the courage to open up my eyes cos i believe the more afraid you are, the more fun it will have.

“If this is what they say is the Queen, I’m dead”

Slowly, the image appears right in front of my view. Like the legend, it is dressed in white, torn and tattered, and it’s long hair covered it’s evil face. I could really drop dead when it circles around me. Moving so very slowy. I believe it’s intention is to make me lose my will and………….. If not for my devotion to God, it would have suceeded. To admit, i am not really the 100% type but this is an exception. Whatever i had learnt throughout my childhood i actually used it during 18. Whatever verses, even the short-short ones i put it to save myself, my soul. If i have to die, then not at the hands of this evil that had put fear into others since the beginning of time. I could not believe i was thinking about death at that time. Maybe cos death is inches away from me.

Surprisingly, i lost all fear within(i’m not kissing my own butt but it’s up to the reader to believe). Maybe it’s because it does nothing else but circle around me. What it did next, is the last thing i expect from a supernatural being.

Slowly, it raises up it ghostly hand, points one finger to the direction of the setting sun. That was the last straw. All fear comes back but accompanied with the will to run away from the real nightmare. My legs seem to have a mind on their own and sped up the steps into my home where i know i will be safe. I don’t remember unlocking the door. Maybe i was too afraid and my mind was looking forward to be home.

After making sure it’s not an uninvited guest, i sit back and wondered why all this happened. Why it points to the direction of the setting sun. Why it didn’t harm me physically. Till this day, all questions remain mystery.

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