Signs Of Death

My grandmother had an old friend who died in a hospital bed. Before he passed away, he mentioned that he saw 2 figures standing near the window of his room. He said that they looked liked a cow and horse. He was afraid that it would take him away to the gates of hell as he knew it was time for him to go as of age. No one in the room saw but the old man kept insisting that it was looking at him.

I asked around my friends and relatives and that most people who die would have a vision or something like that. Some see angels flying, some see bright lights and some hear evil laughter. I remember when i was young, my neighbour’s grandfather complained of people in pain and he would always see the spirit of death hovering above him when he sleeps. I believe that the images are all spirits of death that comes to claim the souls of the dying.

This reminds me of the time when i was in HongKong. My cousin was driving us home when i saw bright lights hovering very near the car i was in. It seemed like fairies and i thought of the spirit of death. My cousin told me that he saw a horse man in the back of a car when we passed it. I told my cousin to stop the car in a safe place and he did.

A few seconds after stoping a car there was a loud bang. There was a car crash involving a car and a bus just infront of us. If we had not stop, we might have been involved in the crash too. Was it my intuition that saved me, or just a mere coincidence but i’m sure i had saw the spirit of d

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