I used to stay at Ang mo kio, we used to hear noises in the middle of the night, as if someone was opening our fridge for a snack and sometimes the tv would be turned on, food would be eaten and thrown into the dustbin and plates cleaned. It seemed like someone was helping out in the house. I asked family about and everyone heard the sound too. My mom told me that the previous owner had died in our home. No one in my family told me about it until i saw blood drops in the kitchen.

There was once when i forgotten to off iron when i went out but when i came home there was this note on the iron board that says “remember to off the iron or you’ll end up like me.” There were too many incidents that happened but the one that gave me the creeps was when i was in the toilet. I was washing my face getting ready to sleep when i bent down to splash water on my face. I felt some foot steps and when i looked up into the mirror, i saw a faint figure standing behind me in the mirror. It looked like a girl in her 20’s. She had long straight hair that covered the sides of her face. I screamed and my sis ran to the toilet. On her way out, she said that she saw a female figure disappearing into my room when she ran to my rescue.

My family soon shifted out when we find that it was too disturbing to stay with it any longer. On the day when we were supposed to shift, i received a call on my handphone. It was a female that had an angry screeching voice. She screamed at me asking me why we were shifting away, was it because of her. I kept asking her who she was but she kept repeating her question.

The following day in my new flat, i received countless SMS with vulgarities on it and it the call couldnt be traced. I reported it to the police but they said they couldn’t trace the culprit. I still receive such SMS but only once a while, getting lesser and lesser each month. It has been almost 3 years since we moved away.

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