Slash Man

This story was told by my aunt’s husband a few months back. It started when my aunt was goin home from work. Suddenly she saw this man limping/staggerin towards her. When he got closer to my aunt, my aunt saw a fresh cut mark on his neck.

He said “Run away before they catch u,” then he change to ashes. My aunt became shock when somethin pushed her and stripped her clothes off(even her undergarments) as back then, she was in her 18s.

Luckilly her boyfriend pass by and he helped her. While she was bein help, my aunt’s bottom part became quite pale. He covered her TUT!! with his clothes and carried her home. My grandfather said that the ghost is the japanese soldier that use to hang around to kidnap young girls and rape them.

PS; This story happen near woodlands so young girls there, I have 1 word of advice…DRESS AS UNPREETY AS POSSIBLE OR ELSE JUST HAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND WITH U…….

PS; If don’t believe this story it’s up to you especially when u are a girl in the 16s, DON’T BLAME ME IF U GOT TOUCHED!!!!!!!!!!!

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