The Wailing

This was a story told by neighbours.. I myself not too sure about this but it seemed true and real.

My neighbour is a reporter who write reports about murders. Most of time, he goes home early to have dinner at home. Once he had to go home late due a murder report not completed. It took him late at night to finish it. Suddenly…

Strange things started to happen. He was concentrating on his work and something flew pass him. He saw no one and continued to do his work as he thought it’s his imagination. The same thing happen but he ignored.

He decided to get a cup of hot coffee to freshened up. It was quiet as everyone else had gone home. While doing so, the photocopy machine started to generate without any reason. Out of fright, he packed his things and headed home. He told people his amazing experience but they laughed and said it was his imagination as he had never stayed late in his office. But one thing was that in the next morning, his office was in a messy state.

Do you think the ghost of the murdered man in the report was there with him all the time? Or is it the imagination that ran wild? It had always been a mystery which has never been revealed….

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